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Web Cloud Development to Full Fill the Requirements of your Processes

The business unit of NLDM focused on services is based on strong knowledge at web, mobile and cloud development. Our engineers build comprehensive custom software for enterprise clients with different security, scalability and complexity needs.

Our strongest feature is our capacity to understand the complexity of your process. We will understand it, we will map it, we will conceptualize it and we will finally automate it on the cloud. Our focus is to use technology to reduce costs and optimize times. Our goal is to make your process more competitive and more reliable.


Web Development: Corporate, Responsive, and E-Commerce Websites

Our job at NLDM Service Business Unit  is to design, build, and support the most engaging and value-driven websites for your business. Our engineers work with you every step of the way, from creative planning to launching the final product.

Creating an impactful web presence can be a complicated and confusing process. Our vast experience includes building corporate, campaign, ecommerce, and associations websites that utilize emerging patterns such as Responsive Web Design.

Using an agile methodology—the industry standard—to manage your web development, we can guarantee fast concept-to-market delivery through short development sprints. This method allows you to receive feedback from your customers early and often, while adjusting the scope and direction of the project accordingly.